A Netherlands designer has created an amazing lace room divider. This screen is made out of concrete and 1 mm Steel Cable. Simply stunning.
Uses include for your home, office, public buildings…
The beauty of lace, not just for fashion…

Lace-concrete-screen-Room Divider


Romantic home decor is enjoyed even by celebrities. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez opened up her romantic newly remodeled California mansion to Veranda magazine. Following soft lines, delicate accessories and a touch of romance, her home reflects elegance and shabby chic sophistication.”It’s tastefully glamorous, like Jennifer herself. She really has a romantic streak. That approach goes along with my whole design philosophy, which is about capturing the personalities of the homeowners” explained the designer.

The photos reveal the home is washed with white and pastels, highlighting
the spacious, airy feel of the rooms. Though the magazine was restricted in letting readers know the exact address of Lopez’s home, real estate blog HousingWatch reports it may be her 17,000 square foot estate in Hidden Hills, Calif.

Wherever the home is, you bet J.Lo got what J.Lo wanted when it came to the design.

“She expects you to be fast, and she’s fast in getting back to you. So often with clients, you are waiting and waiting for approvals. But not Jennifer. She knows what she likes,” Workman told the magazine.

The 41-year-old Lopez shares the home with hubby Marc Anthony and their two kids.

Jennifer Lopez Romantic Home

Jennifer Lopez Romantic Home

Bouquet of Roses

Language of Flowers
Language of Flowers


The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, was a means of communication during theVictorian Era. Flowers were used to”communicate”or send messages expressing feelings which were”not proper” to be spoken during that time. This language was most commonly communicated through Tussie-Mussies,or bouquets, an art which has a following today.

These were small bouquets of flowers wrapped in a lace doily and tied with satin. The intrigue of secret messages sent this way, became a popular pastime.

 In the early 18th century the Turkish “Secret Language of Flowers”was introduced to Europe by Lady Mary Wortley Montague, wife of the British ambassador to Constantinople. Flowers had long been a sign of romance and began being used by lovers to send secret messages to each other by means of sending flowers. Each flower had a specific meaning and the order of arrangement had much to do with the intended “message”.    Read more…

San Francisco's Victorian Houses

San Francisco's Victorian Homes

With some of United States’ most distinguished architecture, the City of San Francisco includes thousands of beautifully renovated Victorian/Queen Anne homes.  Victorian architecture, known for its complex structure and scenic embellishments was widely use worldwide during the reign of Queen Victoria.  In  United States, Victorian houses were mostly built between 1850 and 1915.  Most of them are still as beautiful today.  Thousands of Victorian homes still exist today in the City of San Francisco.  Renovated and cared for by their owners,  using color scheme paint colors and gold leaf accents, Victorian mansions have become a San Francisco landmark.  They are a magnificent reminder of the beauty and class found during the Victorian Era.


An Amazing Victorian Wedding Shower
Victorian Wedding Showers

Victorian Wedding Showers do not have to cost a fortune or leave you with an anxiety attack.  Studies show that your guest notice simple little details the most, so planning ahead and investing on presenting unique, exceptional touches to your celebration will result in a special day everyone will remember.  Take for instance  using a cookie cutter to shape sandwiches into different shapes, like hearts and stars.  Sample creating sandwich fill variations that will please everyone, like tuna, chicken salad, salmon, egg salad and add a garnish of olives, mini onions or sliced apple for a gourmet touch.  Alternate using white and whole wheat bread to create checkerboard sandwiches.  Pinwheel sandwiches can be made with regular sliced bread (remove the crust) or flat bread, simply fill, roll and cut.  You can make the sandwiches ahead of time and place on a tray lined with damp paper towels, on top and bottom and covering completely with plastic wrap.  This will keep the sandwiches from drying up and getting hard,  place in refrigerator.  Hint:  Sandwiches are easier to cut when chilled and should be garnished right before serving.   Read more… 

Whether the wedding will also be Victorian romantic style, never underestimate the impact of creating an amazing Victorian wedding shower.Patricia LaRaia

Lady from Victorian EraMedina, Ohio woman offers lessons on the Victorian Era living.  While what we learn about the Victorian Era is found in history books and movies, a woman in Medina Ohio decided to give lessons on Victorian living etiquette.

Laura Loew starter with a deep fascination with the Victorian Era and after much collecting and research, she decided to start a company named “Lost in the Past”.   Her company offers around 25 classes, including seasonal, lifestyle, fashions and crafts.  Some of the most popular classes include “The Tale of a Corset” and “Lizzie Borden – Did She or Didn’t She?” about this era’s most infamous hatchet murder suspect.  Other general classes give an overview of the era, transformation of style, one hundred years of hats and the romance of Victorian fancywork.